The Corporate Image is a family owned and operated company that offers custom message apparel via embroidery or screen-printing. Our goal is to provide you with quality apparel that will promote your company/event/organization.

The Corporate Image opened for business in 1979. Alan Steckler, who had 20+ years of sales experience in the apparel business, and his wife Stephanie Steckler, “built” The Corporate Image. Year after year, as the number of customers grew and grew, so did the everything else with the business. In addition to growing from 1,300 sq ft to  now more than 6,000 sq ft, and adding a lot of machinery, the number of employees increased...many of whom have been with the company for as many as 30 years.

After 35 years of daily dedication to their business, Alan and Stephanie decided they were ready to retire and start a new chapter in their lives. It was important to Alan and Stephanie that the company remain a family business and the most obvious way to accomplish this was to bring in family! At the same time Alan and Stephanie were considering retirement, their youngest daughter, Jill (Steckler) Dorjee, who had been working in healthcare for 20 years, said she was ready for a career change. In 2012, Jill joined the staff at The Corporate Image by first working with Stephanie to learn the accounting aspects, while also working with Alan to learn all about the technical aspects of decoration and about sales and apparel.

In 2014, Alan officially retired and Jill began managing the day to day operations. Alan and Stephanie still get daily updates from Jill about the day’s events.

...then came the 3rd generation!  As of April 2023, Emily (oldest daughter of Jill and granddaughter to Alan and Stephanie), began her career at The Corporate Image.  Emily graduated from UT Dallas with a degree in accounting.  Welcome to the family business, Emily.  We've been expecting you!