WHAT can we embroider?

  • Shirts/T-Shirts
  • Aprons
  • Chef Coats
  • Caps/Visors
  • Backpacks (most)
  • Tote Bags (most)
  • Towels
  • Blankets
  • Golf Bags (if pocket cover completely can be zipped off from the bag)
  • or just about anything made of fabric


WHAT is the minimum order for embroiderY?

The minimum order for embroidery is 12 pieces of the SAME TYPE of item.  Caps/visors are one TYPE.  Everything else is another TYPE.  Orders less than 12 pieces will have a "less-than-minimum" fee added to the order.

We can take orders as large as you need.


WHAT will you need to get started?

  1. The logo to be embroidered in a document that is either a pdf or an Adobe Illustrator format. 
    The artwork needs to include EVERYTHING that needs to be embroidered. 
    If something needs to be eliminated from the embroidery, that’s ok, just let us know what needs to be eliminated BEFORE we create the embroidery file.
  2. PMS colors to each element of your logo, if you know it.


HOW do YOU get started?

Email your logo to jill@thecorporateimageinc.com or you can upload your logo on this website. In your email, include what TYPE(cap, shirts, backpacks, etc.) of item you want your logo embroidered on.  That’s all it takes!


WHAT happens next?

Jill will contact you via phone or email after she has seen your artwork.  She will talk you through the next steps, which will be:

  1. Creating an embroidery file (dst file), 
  2. Seeing a proof, and
  3. Discussing the merchandise to be embroidered.


WHAT is an embroidery file (dst file)?

An embroidery file is a computerized file that has the extension of “.dst” after the file’s name. This type of file will communicate with the embroidery machines to tell the machines how to embroider your logo (including when/where to change to a different thread color).

The process of creating an embroidery file is referred to as “digitizing”. The cost for digitizing is based on the stitch count of what is going to be embroidered.  This is a ONE-TIME cost.   Once we have the file created, the cost will appear on your first invoice, but for subsequent orders using the same embroidery file, you will not be charged again for the embroidery file.


WHAT will your embroidery cost?

Like the embroidery file, our prices for embroidery are based on the stitch count of your logo.  The cost for your specific logo will be given to you by Jill.


WHERE do you get your merchandise from?

Most of our customers opt to purchase whatever merchandise they need through The Corporate Image. Because of our many years of purchasing history with various distributors and our large purchasing history, we get very low prices from our distributors, which we pass along to you.

You can look through this website to see the variety of merchandise we can get for you.


CAN you bring merchandise purchased elsewhere to be embroidered?

Yes, you can, as long as the merchandise is clean and not damaged or stained.


WILL we personalize items?  E.g. Embroider names on merchandise.

No, we do not do personalization.  Our machines run 12 pieces at a time of the same logo.  So, unless you have one person who is getting 12 of something, we do not do personalization.


HOW long will your embroidery order take to complete?

There are a lot of variables that needs to be known in order to answer this question, which include: 

  • How many pieces in your order?
  • What’s the stitch count of your logo?
  • How much do we already have in line when your order gets into a production line?

 Generally speaking, we can complete most orders within 2 – 10 BUSINESS days AFTER you’ve approved your proof AND we have the merchandise for your order.


WHEN will you see a proof?

Once you’ve agreed to the one-time cost for digitizing and you give the “OK” to proceed, your logo will be digitized, which takes 1 – 2 business days. Once the digitizing is done, a “sew out” will be created.  A sew out is an embroidered sample of your logo on scrap fabric (we’ll attempt to match the fabric color of your merchandise).

Jill will email a picture of your sew out to you.  If you’re local, you can come by and see the sew out in person.  If you aren’t local, we can mail the sew out to you.

In most cases, if requested, we can also provide a virtual poof that’ll show your logo on the items we’ll embroider (the logo size will be approximate).


WILL you need to pre-pay for your embroidery? 

No.  Payment for your order will be requested once we’ve completed your order.



If you’ve never had embroidery done before, this all most likely sounds confusing.  Don’t worry!  We’ll walk you through the process.  We won’t embroider any merchandise for your order until you approve the proof.  We will communicate with you throughout the process.