Screen Printing

WHAT is the minimum order for screen printing?

48 pieces is the minimum order for screen printing.


CAN you bring merchandise you purchased elsewhere for us to screen print?

No.  We will only screen print on merchandise that we purchase for your order.


WHAT will the price per piece be?

There are three variables that will determine the price:

  1. Number of pieces to be printed, 
  2. The number of colors to be printed, and
  3. Which shirt we print on.


In a nutshell, the more pieces printed – the cost per shirt will be less and less. Also, the fewer number of colors printed – that’ll decrease the price per shirt.


WHAT will you need to get started?

You’ll just need the artwork of what needs to be printed in either a pdf or  an Adobe Illustrator format.  If you do not have the artwork, we contract with an artist who can create your artwork.  A quote for the artist will be provided once the artwork is reviewed.


HOW do you get started?

Simply email your artwork to Jill at or you can upload it through this website.  Jill will contact you via phone or email to discuss the next steps.


CAN we screen print on caps (baseball-style or other caps)?

No.  We cannot screen print on caps.



You can use this website to search for products that The Corporate Image will order for you to be printed.



HOW will YOU know the per piece price for screen printing?

A per piece price will be provided to you once we know:

  • Which shirt we’ll be printing on,
  • How many shirts we’ll be printing on,
  • How many colors will be printed in each design.

Once this information is known, you will be given a per piece price.


HOW long does screen-printing take?

Once you’ve approved your virtual proof(s) AND we have received all of the merchandise for your order, your order should be completed within 10 – 12 BUSINESS days.


WHAT is the proofing process for screen printing?

Once we have received your artwork or once the artist creates your artwork, a “virtual proof” will be created. This is a computerized replica that’ll show what the logo will look like and a general idea of the size of your logo(s) on the garment.  This proof will be emailed to you for approval before we get your order in line for printing.



If your still confused, don’t worry.  We’ll walk you through each step and you’ll end-up with a printed t-shirt that’ll be exactly what you want!  We’ll communicate with you each step of the way.